Woman looked like ‘something out of horror show’ after lip filler went horrifically wrong

A woman was left looking like “something out of a horror show” and struggled to speak or eat after her lip fillers went horrifically wrong.

Michaela Hide, 31 paid £220 for the treatment claims the beautician injected her with the wrong chemicals.

The customer services manager says she knew something way very wrong straight away when her lips started to swell.

The beautician, who she later discovered wasn’t qualified, pumped her lips full of a calcium-based product instead of the usual hyaluronic acid based filler – which crystallised in her lips.

She told the Sun : “I looked like something out of a horror show.

“I looked horrific. When my boyfriend at the time came home, he went berserk, screaming ‘what have you done?'”

The beautician insisted the swelling would go down

The beautician assured Michaela everything was fine, simply telling her to go home and put ice on her lips.

However this didn’t work and she began to panic.

Michaela also stocked up on antihistamine medication in the hope that it would reduced some of the swelling, but said it made no difference.  

After some research she discovered the beautician had used a filler known as Radiesse which is usually used in chin, jaw, cheek and nose sculpting, not plumping the lips.

With giant lumps forming everywhere, she was barely able to open her mouth.

The filler the beautician used was actually intended for chin, jaw, cheese and nose sculpting

Michaela went back to the beautician and paid an additional £120 to try and even them out but was left looking and feeling worse than when she walked in.

She claims the beautician then blocked her and moved house, after she kept asking her what she could do to ease the pain.

Saying she was “desperate to look normal”, Michaela started looking for someone else who could fix the problem.

She said: “That’s when I really began to panic. I thought I was going to be stuck like this forever.”

She was forced to pay out for two operations

She ended up splashing out a further £1,020 for two operations with reconstructive surgeon Dr Mark Gorman, who claims that he’d never seen another case like it.

Since the filler the beautician used is supposed to alter jawlines and noses, its made to stay twice as long as normal filler to mimic bone. This meant that when Dr Gorman tried to dissolve the filler, it had no effect on the lumps.

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So he had to improvise, and cut them out with scissors.

The entire procedure took two hours, but Michaela had to wait a further two months for them to heal before they could be corrected.

Michaela is now urging other people to do their research, and not to be swayed by cheap prices as she was.

Luckily Michaela’s lips have now returned to normal, thanks to Dr Gorman.