The 6 Dumbest Suggestions Actors Made Behind The Scenes


Schwarzenegger Wanted The Terminator To Find A Beer And Get Drunk

The Terminator may be a landmark sci-fi horror classic that launched James Cameron’s career, but it suffers one glaring deficiency: NOT. ENOUGH. FUNNY PARTS. Arnold Schwarzenegger felt that the film could never become a true classic without a couple of slapstick jokes baked in, so he suggested a scene wherein the T-800 comes across a refrigerator in someone’s house, becomes intrigued by a beer can, and drinks it. Then he gets drunk and staggers around, as any unstoppable kill-bot would after dumping one Miller High Life on its circuitry.

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Ol’ closed-minded Cameron squashed this idea right away, interrupting his star and explaining, “It’s a machine, Arnold. It’s not a human being. It’s not E.T. It can’t get drunk.” Schwarzenegger noted that Cameron was extremely protective of his script and didn’t like suggestions, which sounds exceedingly unreasonable in this instance. Now we’ll never know the true masterpiece the film could have been if, 20 minutes before the Terminator’s metal skeleton demonically emerged from an inferno, there was a scene of it knocking a bunch of shit over in a house and texting Sarah Connor typo-filled apologies.

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