Japanese Housewife Creates Insanely Realistic Cat-Shaped Handbags

Japanese housewife and amateur designer Pico grew up collecting faux-fur animals and now spends whatever free time she has creating her own. And, as you can see, she’s really good at it!

A self-described cat enthusiast, Pico first attracted media attention five years ago, when photos of one of her incredibly realistic creations went viral on Japanese social media. It didn’t take long for her creations to transcend national borders, and soon photos of her most impressive cat bags started circulating on Instagram, Facebook and the like. But despite the massive interest in her works, Pico was quick to announce that she only sold her works in Japan, and only rarely accepted commission projects. As a mother of two, she preferred to dedicate most of her tim to her children.

Photo: picopoco08/Twitter

Today, Pico continues to upload photos of her faux-fur handbags, collars and other accessories to Twitter and Instagram, but her posting schedule is as irregular as ever. People continue to follow her, though, as the quality of her creations is worth the wait. Take a look at her portfolio and you’ll see what I mean.

Pico’s latest viral project was a cat-shaped backpack that turned out way more realistic-looking than it should. It basically looks like a stuffed cat, but the artist assures everyone that no actual cats were hurt during the making of process. It’s all expertly died fake fur with acrylic eyes and rubber accents, like the nose and the cats’ tiny butt holes.

Back in 2015, RocketNews24 reported that Pico sold her projects on Yahoo Auctions, for prices ranging in the upper tens of Japanese yen – 83,000 yen ($700), 66,000 yen ($550) – but I was unable to find any of her recent creations listed on there. Wherever she is selling them, I doubt they’ve gotten cheaper. Plus, she still doesn’t ship to foreign countries.

But if you can’t buy your own Pico handbag, you might as well just feast your eyes on photos of them.