6 Itty-Bitty Screw-Ups That Cost Millions To Fix

To err is human, which is a fancy way of saying “Humans be way dumb.” Each day we make hundreds of little mistakes that no one will ever notice, but which we’ll stay up all night thinking about anyway. It’s probably a good thing we dwell on them, though. Because sometimes, even the smallest of actions can have the biggest, most expensive consequences. Here are some tiny fuck-ups that eventually graduated to epic disasters.



A Man Throws Millions Of Dollars In Bitcoin Straight In The Trash

Like a lot of people who will never, ever shut up about it, James Howells decided to mine some Bitcoin one day. The difference is that Howells did it in early 2009, when one Bitcoin equaled about $0, and thousands of them equaled … $0. Howells mined 7,500 BTC before moving on to other time-wasting activities of the era, like browsing cat memes or using Facebook (ask your grandpa what that is).

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At some point, Howells spilled a drink on his laptop and sold the working parts on eBay, keeping the hard drive in a drawer in case all those Bitcoins were ever worth some real money (like, enough to buy a new laptop, for instance). In 2013, Howell read about a guy in Norway who put a few bucks into Bitcoin back in 2009 and was now a millionaire. That’s when he remembered the hard drive with the 7,500 BTC … and realized that 1) he’d recently thrown it away while cleaning up his home, and 2) he was a dope.

At least they didn't put his name in the headli- dammit.BBCAt least they didn’t put his name in the headli- dammit.